Liwiski has much to prove


Arch rivals on the ice and roommates off it.

Kelowna Rockets forward Mark Liwiski spent the majority of the summer right here in Kelowna rooming with former Prince George Cougars forward Josh Maser.

Maser is 21. Liwiski is 19. Does that translate into a messy apartment? "One week I will do the dishwasher and clean and then the next week he will do the dishwasher and garbage. It also helps that my girlfriend stops by and she likes to clean up, so it's good".

'Louie', a nickname given to him by his teammates, realizes that his window of playing pro is closing and it's time to make hay on his hockey career. "My next two years, obviously, I am going to want to put up quite a big leap in numbers, so for sure my leadership will bounce off that".

With 8 fighting majors last season, the 19 year-old wanted to make an impact with a long playoff run and success at the 2020 Memorial Cup. "It was pretty disappointing, but you can't hang your head. I just have to brush it off and remember what it felt like and take it into next year."

Liwiski spent the summer working at Quail Ridge, which is home to the Quail and Bear golf courses. While doing lawn maintenance, he was able to get in a more than a few rounds this summer.

As a side note, older brother Andrew is playing college hockey in Wisconsin this winter.