Rockets d-man handy with handsaw


 At last count, defenceman Sean Comrie had all 10 fingers intact as he spent the summer with a handsaw building decks back in Edmonton.

You can't blame the 20 year-old for being safety conscious after separating his shoulder last December in Regina. "I was in on a two-on-one and I shot the puck and the d-man slid and I tripped over him and went full speed into the boards - sideways. When I got up, I knew something was wrong and I had a feeling it was separated."

The road to recovery was a long one for Comrie, who separated it again - in practice. "It was difficult coming back and trying to play and not be afraid of contact. It is always in the back of your mind that if you take a weird hit, something will go wrong again."

Having undergone surgery after playing in just 35 games as a rookie, Comrie wants to stay healthy this season. "Being an older player, I want to be a leader on the team and play my game and make an impact. I think if I do that, hopefully I will stick with the team."

Comrie will start the season in the AJHL. He has been loaned to the Spruce Grove Saints.