"They did nothing wrong."


"They did nothing wrong."

Kelowna Rockets General Manager speaking exclusively to AM 1150 following several positive cases of COVID-19 last week involving players and coaches.

"The COVID came into us through a member of the hockey operations staff which is on the coaching side of it. Unfortunately, it was brought in through their and spread. These players have done everything we have asked them to do in guarding against it. The billets have been remarkable."

A staff member tested positive last Tuesday with two coaches and four players getting COVID a day later.

"It looks like what we will do (once allowed to play again) is pick up what was left in the regular and they made add up a couple in the gaps, but their just aren't many gaps when you are playing 24 games in 48 days", Hamilton added.

Those who avoided COVID-19 last week will be tested today, with results expected on Tuesday.

If all goes well, the team is hoping to be back on the ice to resume their schedule on Saturday April 17th.              

"Interior Health has been unbelievable. They have communicated with the players that has been basically in lockdown and the coaches and players that have been sick, so they have done and great job and we just need to follow the line and do what we are suppose to do like everyone else," Hamilton said.