"We are super excited"

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The Okanagan Sun are back in business  - literally.

With the BC vaccine card now in place, the 50-person limit on sporting events - indoors and out - has been lifted.

General Manager Jay Christensen says it allows for home games at the Apple Bowl.

"We are super excited. We love playing here and we love the fans. Hopefully we can put more (fans) in the better, but we will adhere to whatever restrictions the provincial health officer puts on it go from there."   

The Sun's home opener, originally scheduled for August 28th, had to be postponed due to health restrictions.

It will now take place October 9th against the Kamloops Broncos.

"The way the City of Kelowna is interpreting it now, we are at 50 percent of seated capacity. The challenge is the Apple Bowl only seats about 25 hundred people between the grand stands and the metal bleachers on the far side, which puts us at about 1250 people".     

The Sun's first home game will be a celebration, looking back at 40 years of football.

"We will do everything we can to provide the typical excitement you will get at an Okanagan Sun game - outdoors. Have a beverage and something to eat and all the things like walking around the field on a sunny day and enjoying it," Christensen added.