Straight From DeHart January 13, 2021

Cibo & Vines Ristorante is a hidden gem located at 5842B Beach Avenue in Peachland. Owned and operated by partners Cherie Bokis and Tatyana Spiess, the restaurant affords a casually sophisticated space, offering Italian cuisine including a variety of unique and original cicchetti, salads, pasta, and pizzas. The restaurant has two outdoor patios, one which is fully enclosed and can be used for dining throughout the winter months, as it is equipped with heaters. Chef Kody Pretty uses the freshest local ingredients available for all their menu items, including house-made pesto, marinara, truffle aioli, all sauces, meatballs, crusts for pizzas, Caesar dressing, lemon oil, basil vinaigrette, and orange fennel. Must-tries on the menu to start are mussels and shaved fennel steamed in pesto white wine broth, Nona’s meatballs, creamy Pernod Argentinian prawns, and the Caprese or caesar salad. Main must-tries, and what the locals come for, are the seafood baked cannelloni, chicken pesto alfredo, and gorgonzola steak gnocchi. Cibo & Vines offers yummy house-made desserts and a large assortment of wines from the valley and abroad. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. All COVID-19 protocols in place.

Lot manager, Phat Nguyen is celebrating his 25th anniversary with Sentes Automotive. Being a lot manager is a catch-all position that includes any and all tasks that are required to keep a dealership running. Phat is one of the company’s hardest working team members at Mercedes and the company says they could not run the store without him.

The Recovery Spa at #3 – 2936 Pandosy Street is celebrating their first anniversary in business. Owned and operated by Josh and Lindsay Stilborn, the spa is a one-of-a-kind space that offers the most advanced technologies in personal wellness for managing stress release, compression therapy, whole-body laser therapy, pain, and recovery from injury. Using clinically proven solutions, they can also help you with better sleep and more energy. Their services range from a relaxing and stimulating laser therapy bed to leg massages. For new parents, a 30-minute meditative session with NuCalm is the equivalent of four hours of truly restful sleep. The Stilborn's opened The Recovery Spa as they saw a need for non-medicinal and non-invasive recovery for healing injuries, decompressing and alleviating street or detoxification and weight loss. All COVID-19 protocols in place. 

Congratulations from the partners and team at MNP Kelowna to Ben McDonaldAshley DerbyshireNeesha JaswalRob Larkin, and Trevor Martens on successfully completing their 2020 Common Final Exam (CFE). Ben McDonald achieved the National Honour Roll.         

Barb Dumbovic, owner of Barb’s Delight in Blue Heights at #88 – 2789 Highway 97N is asking for your help. On December 29th, an earthquake shook her home town of Petrinja, Croatia. Barb was born in a little village called Cepelis where her parents and family live. Their home was damaged and is not livable. It broke Barb’s heart to see her 80-year-old father sleeping in a cold tent. Barb would like to raise some funds for her family and others in the village. The 11th anniversary of Barb’s Delight is in February and Barb will donate $1.00 from every breakfast sold from now until the end of February to help them out. Cash donations are gratefully appreciated and for every cash donation, you will be entered in a draw to receive one of seven gift baskets in the name of each one of her family members. The draws will take place on February 17th. Open Monday to Friday 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Saturdays 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

UBC Okanagan’s new Art Career Apprenticeship Program aims to connect Okanagan businesses with recent UBCO graduates in arts, humanities, and social sciences who are seeking employment opportunities. The program offers local businesses direct access to a pool of highly-skilled university graduates and importantly, a grant of up to $4,000 per month for four months’ salary of the hired candidate. It is an opportunity for students to launch their careers in a field related to their studies and work with local industry partners. Businesses will receive direct access to a talented pool of new arts and humanities graduates with an added funding incentive to help establish meaningful and long-term career opportunities in their organizations. It’s a win-win. Visit     

Kelowna Kinesiology by Orthoquest has a mission is to encourage movement in an effort to improve the overall health and wellness of people in the community. They have created the Move Well platform to help provide their clients with new and safe opportunities to move and stay active during COVID when most gyms and fitness studios are closed. It has grown and evolved to become a much larger platform, offering both live, Zoom exercise classes and a large variety of professionally pre-recorded classes that members can access anytime, anywhere. The classes are led by practicing Kinesiologists who have experience with a variety of injuries and are able to make suitable modifications when required. The platform will make it easier for people to access quality fitness classes and discover new ways to move. The team members are Shayla McLean, Kaleigh Hole, Katrina Dittmann, and Claire PeacheyLise Dallien-MacMillan is the owner/operator of Kelowna Kinesiology. Visit or to view their trailer.

The owners of Vertical Edge Window Cleaning, Nikki and Preston Hayden have started a new business that helps local businesses get their products and services in front of targeted local shoppers to support locals. Super Shopper Club (SSC) offers local business owners to list their products and services to targeted shoppers around the valley. For a limited time, local businesses can promote their business throughout the valley and list all of the products and services they offer for only $5.00 per month. There are thousands of local businesses and shoppers already on the search engine and growing every day. The end goal is to have all local businesses supporting each other through SSC.  

The winner of the Greater Westside Board of Trade, Shop Local & Win Local $50.00 gift card to her favorite business was Pauline Collins.

VictoriaNow will be part of the NowCities news network that includes KelownaNow, PentictonNow, KamloopsNow, and PrinceGeorgeNow. VictoriaNow is launching with partner GSL Group, which is their first venture into news media for GSL, although vice-president, Terry Armstrong has been in the news industry for 30 years. The VictoriaNow reporters and sales staff will be based in the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre. NowMedia Group is a full 360-degree digital media company operating locally in Kelowna B.C. since 1990. Jim and Nikki Csek are the principles of the NowMedia Group.  

If you have old gold or silver sitting in your jewellery box or dress drawer, you might want to donate it to Freedom’s Door. Whether it’s a broken chain, old ring that you are no longer fond of, or pieces that you do not wear, all of these items can be used to build something positive that will last. Freedom’s Door is seeking your donation to be turned into cash, which will fund their addiction recovery programs that rely on charity. Freedom’s Door is an addiction and mental health recovery program operating in Kelowna since 2002 that owns seven homes housing 64 men in recovery programs dealings with psycho/social/physical/spiritual counselling modalities. Contact Executive Director Peter Lees at

Okanagan Clinical Trials (OCT) is inviting adults 19 years of age and older with a confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease, who continue to experience symptoms while on a gluten-free diet, to participate in a research study that examines the effectiveness of a possible treatment. The research study at OCT is examining the effectiveness and tolerability of an investigational drug for the treatment of celiac disease. The drug is intended to provide relief of persistent symptoms in adult patients with celiac disease on a gluten-free diet. To learn more or how to participate visit 

Birthdays of the week – Happy 20th Tara O’Sullivan (Jan. 14); Tracy Nyboe-Styles, my sister (Jan. 19); Annie Kwong (Jan.13); Paul Larsen (Jan. 13); Brian Schjodt (Jan. 14); Madeleine Kilcullen (Jan. 14); Pattie Onsorge (Jan. 14); Andre Blanleil (Jan. 15); Kathy Groves (Jan. 15); Lynn Pedde (Jan. 15); Michael Buffett (Jan. 15); Bob Thompson (Jan. 15); Gerry Ellchuck (Jan. 16); Ross Gilley (Jan. 17); Dina Kotler (Jan. 17); Joyce Prowse (Jan. 17); Jim Belshaw (Jan. 17); David Durrer (Jan. 18); Melonie Dodaro (Jan. 19); Jeannie Agostino (Jan. 19); Martin Bell (Jan. 19);        
Maxine DeHart is a Kelowna City Councillor and local hotelier. Phone her at 250-979-4546 or 250-862-7662; E-mail and web-site