Summerland sanitary landfill second scale & entrance upgrades now open

landfill (Medium)

The District of Summerland is pleased to announce the completion of the entrance upgrades at the Summerland Sanitary Landfill which include a second scale, new scale house, improvements to the recycling area including its own entrance lane and the addition of a wildlife perimeter fencing.

In 2019 Council directed District staff to proceed with designing changes to the entrance of the landfill that would allow for the addition of a second scale and help the District bring the landfill into compliance. This spring the District entered into a shared services agreement for the supply of the new scale and scale house with Cantex Okanagan Ltd. and contracted Grizzly Excavating Ltd. to complete the works.

“The changes will benefit Summerland Residents greatly. The landfill entrance is now more user friendly and customers will experience considerably reduced wait times.” states Candace Pilling, Manager of Environmental Services “Customers with both recycling and other waste materials should proceed to the recycling area prior to disposing their other materials in the landfill.”

The District would like to thank the residents for their patience during construction and everyone involved in bringing this project to completion.