The Cherry Bandit up for grabs

The Cherry Bandit.jpg

Ken Miller and his son, Ben Miller, completed The Cherry Bandit this summer, taking inspiration from their time spent living on a Cherry Orchard. Ken and his wife Nicole Miller raised their son out on the orchard for 15 years before moving into Penticton. 

“The book itself is just a fictional story with a few anecdotal stories that have happened when Ben was younger, growing up on the cherry orchard,” Nicole said. Their book also features Ben’s Grandpa. 

“My husband just kept notes with ideas for stories...He completed the book over the last five years, and during COVID we just had more time together as a family,”.  

Their son Ben took that extra time to take the completed story and illustrate the entire thing himself. 

“I didn't even realize that my husband had finished writing the story but he had shown our son, who is 17 now and Ben went and took the book and illustrated the whole thing in secret and he got in self-published through Amazon.” 

This is also the second children's book their son Ben has illustrated, helping out another Okanagan author with one of their pages in the book Just Nuts

“We surprised my husband Ken with the completed, published book and we also copyrighted it. He was completely surprised because he always wanted to be a published author and now he has a children's book,” Nicole said, adding that Ken is currently working on his next stories. 

“We're all pretty proud in our family that this has been accomplished.” 

The Cherry Bandit is on sale on Amazon, Coles bookstore at Cherry Lane Shopping Center and the Penticton Art Gallery.