Upset over mayors comments to 'stay away' if not vaccinated


The BC Libertarian Party is planning a protest in front of Kelowna City Hall on Monday.

They are upset over comments made by Mayor Colin Basran to the media this week calling for out of town guests to stay away if they are unvaccinated.

The release from the party looks like this:

'When we heard that Mayor Basran wants to ban unvaccinated individuals from coming to Kelowna we were appalled.

Segregation based on medical status is wrong. Shaming businesses and people for living their lives is wrong.

The BC Libertarian Party has no stance on what an individual does with their own body.

We have members who are vaccinated and members who are not.

It is not our business, nor the Government's business, to know your personal medical information.

Your body, your choice. That is our stance. Consistently.

Everyone will make a determination about what's best for them and their family and the BC Libertarian Party does not discriminate.

Nobody should be forced to share their medical information, nor be denied services, employment, or travel based on their medical choices.'

The protest is planned for Monday from 1:30 until 2:30 PM.