Westminster Avenue construction set to get underway

Westminster construction

Motorists are advised that road work is set to get underway on Westminster Avenue from Main Street to Brunswick Street, with a completion date set for the end of November.  The project involves the following goals and improvements:

  • The project will streamline the lane arrangement along Westminster Avenue between Main Street and Brunswick Street such that traffic uses a single lane in each direction consistent with the road at each end of this section.
  • Dedicated left turn lanes will be provided at Main Street, Martin Street and Winnipeg Street.
  • One of the dedicated left turn lanes on Main Street will be eliminated.
  • The removal of the traffic lane creates 35 new on-street parallel parking spaces to be added in this busy area.
  • Traffic capacity has been checked and is confirmed as being sufficient.
  • The new lane alignment will improve safety at the Brunswick Street crosswalk.
  • The project was initiated as a result of adjacent developments in this section of road.
  • The City has received a grant totalling $110,000 from ICBC for the Westminster Avenue and Eckhardt Avenue initiatives in recognition of the improvements that they provide.