BTS' Suga Is Now A Social Service Agent For South Korean Military


Last month it was reported that BTS member Suga will fulfil his mandatory military service, and today (September 22) he confirmed that he has begun doing so.

On the online fan platform Weverse, the K-pop star posted on the message board that he is now with the South Korean military. “I’ll faithfully serve and come back … Please stay healthy and let’s meet all again in 2025!” he wrote. 

Suga will be operating as a social service agent, which is an alternative form of military service in the country.

Big Hit Music, who manage BTS, stated that Suga later began commuting to a workplace designated under the country’s alternative military service system.

All able-bodied men between the age of 18 to 35 are required by law in South Korea to complete 18 - 21 months of military service. Although exceptions have been made for athletes and both traditional and classical musicians, K-pop artists do not fall under exemption.

Suga has become the third member of BTS to fulfil mandatory enlistment for the South Korean military, following Jin and J-Hope, who previously served their 18 months. 




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