Noah Weiland Debuts Fiery 'Good Riddance & Goodbye'


Noah Weiland has dropped “good riddance & goodbye,” an infectious rock song featuring Slayloverboy.

“I wrote the song about having to force myself to move on from the love of my life due to substance use in the past,” Weiland said. “I’m past that point in my life.”

Last year, Weiland told about having sought treatment for an opiates addiction. “I went a couple of times because it’s hard when you’re young,” he explained. “You don’t realize how serious this type of stuff is.”

Weiland, 22, has released a number of songs but said last year he’s in no rush to put out an album. “I want to wait until there’s a lot more people looking at me before I think of a mixtape or an album,” he said, “because I don’t want to put my all into something and then it goes unappreciated.”

“I’m really just trying to focus on getting more of a fanbase.”

“good riddance & goodbye” debuted with a fiery video directed by Sage Flores of Sunburst Films. Check it out below: