Shania Twain Explains Why 'Queen Of Me' Comes With Warning


Shania Twain explained Friday why there’s an “explicit” language warning on her forthcoming album, Queen Of Me.

“Okay, so a few of you have noticed the parental advisory on the Queen Of Me artwork,” the Canadian superstar tweeted. “Here’s a little secret... a lot of songs I've written over the years have curse words in them, but I always end up writing them out. This time, for the first time, I decided to keep them in.”

Twain’s song “Pretty Liar,” written with Canada’s Adam Messinger, has an “E” symbol next to it to indicate there is explicit language in the lyrics.

That don’t impress some people much. “Welp, I just cancelled my pre-order,” sniffed one. “Why would you do this?” Another reacted: “I’m very disappointed in you … I’m very angry about this.”

Most fans, though, are all for the uncensored Twain.

“Yesssss QUEEN!!!” Tweeted one. Another wrote: “It's about damn time you do so, queen.”

One fan noted: “To be fair, she’s Canadian, so the curse words might just be dang and hoser.”

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Not surprisingly, Twain’s confession has sparked interest in the original lyrics to some of her biggest hits.

“OMG TELL US A SCRAPPED PART OF A SONG YOU RELEASED WITHOUT CURSE WORDS,” pleaded one fan. On Facebook, one fan replied: “Now you’ve got me curious as to where you cut them out before?”

Queen Of Me is out Feb. 3. It will be followed by a tour that brings Twain home to Canada for 26 concerts.

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