WATCH: Black Crowes Fight Off Stage Crasher


An over-excited Black Crowes fan is likely feeling some pain this week after crashing the stage during a concert in Australia on Sunday.

Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson did not take kindly to being interrupted by the man while performing “Stare It Cold” at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre and used the tools of their trade to defend their space.

The interloper fought off crew members who rushed at him but took hits from Chris’ mic stand and Rich’s guitar before jumping back into the crowd.

In a video clip of the incident, the crowd can be heard groaning as the butt of Rich’s guitar appeared to make contact with the man’s neck.

“We’re going to start that again,” Chris said before launching into “Stare It Cold” again.

In his review of the show, Mark Diggins of The Rock Pit called the altercation “a flash of darkness in what has been a sublime evening and the band is rightly angry and the invader is rapidly ejected. Whether it’s a drunk passionate fan or a crazy doesn’t matter it’s the bands stage and you only get to share it when invited.”

Watch it go down, Down Under, below:

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