Anti COVID Rally Planned for Sunday in Windsor


It’s being billed as "The Great Ouellette Avenue Demonstration."

On Sunday, a rally is scheduled in Windsor to speak out against COVID-19 measures that spokesperson Darryl Burrell believes are harmful and unnecessary.

"You don't need to mask up to save the world," says Burrell.  "The science isn't there.  All we're doing is breathing our own dirty breath and carbon dioxide in and it's going to be counter productive to people's health."

Medical experts, including the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit say science does show masks prevent people from spreading infection through water droplets when used properly.

He's asking the community to stand with him and others against lockdowns, shutdowns, forced quarantines and mandatory masking.

Burrell says there are plenty of people who are against the COVID-19 measures in Windsor-Essex.

"There's people that want to come out but they're scared," says Burrell.  "Nobody wants a fine.  Nobody wants to go to these quarantine camps that the government is tendering, looking for."   

He says the health unit is lying to the community.

"When you actually look at numbers and if people actually do their own research, it's not a pandemic, we're not in the middle of a pandemic," says Burrell. 

Burrell says it's personal and private but he's exempt from wearing a mask.  

"I haven't put a mask on since day one," says Burrell.  "There's been fights here and there.  Most people once I say I'm exempt, they say ok and they let me go about my day."   

He says they will meet at the Giant Canadian Flag at foot of Ouellette Avenue and walk to the health unit building at the corner of Ouellette and Erie Street.

The rally begins at 1pm. Burrell is hoping for 1,000 people to attend.