• get gardening - may 21

    Jon is joined by Jay Terryberry to answer your gardening questions.
  • Live & Local - Canada Summer Jobs

    Jon sits down with IREK KUSMIERCZYK the MP Windsor Tecumseh and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion to talk about Canada Summer Jobs.
  • The Shift - The UPSIDE: Recipient of the 'Believe Windsor-Essex' Award at the Business Excellence Awards

    Van Niforos, owner of Penalty Box Restaurant, was the recipient of the Believe Windsor-Essex award. The award recognizes an individual and organization with a commitment to business development, both enhancing their business’ growth and economic development across the region. 
  • The Shift - Blocking Inflammation May Lead to More Pain

    Dr. Luda Diatchenko at McGill University, joins us to break down this new study and gives us more information.
  • Free For All Friday

    Free For All Friday, hosted by Amanda Galbraith, features top talent across the iHeart radio talk network. Hosts from all over the country join the roundtable to discuss the five biggest stories of the week.  This week's show features panelists Karen Restoule (CEO of Shared Value Solutions, Bold Realities, & Whose Land) and Elias Makos, host of the Elias Makos Show on CJAD in Montreal.  Topics: With other countries making that decision, is it time to end Canada's connection to the monarchy? Does Jason Kenney's resignation show the struggle of what modern Conservatism is in this country? Canada to ban China's Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks. Is it about time? Would you try Soft Serve KD - the new 'delicacy' at the Calgary Stampede? What musician would you study?
  • The Shift - Big Donation for HDGH Cardiac

    Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Foundation has unveiled the John Viecelli Cardiac Wellness Administration following a second donation of $100,000 from Viecelli. 
  • The Shift - Food Inflation and Insecurities

    Lynda Davidson, Food Banks Coordinator for UHC Hub of Opportunities, joins us to talk about the inflation and demand accelerating for food bank services.
  • Dan MacDonald Show - WIFF Picks

    Vincent Georgie, Executive Director of the Windsor International Film Festival joins Jon to talk about what to watch this weekend  
  • Dan MacDonald Show - Cannabis Greenhouse Closures

    Matt Lamers, International Editor for MJBiz Daily, joins Jon to talk about Aurora Cannabis reaching a deal to sell its massive Sun greenhouse for $46.8 million
  • Dan MacDonald Show - Peyote Benefits

    Claire Stawnyczy, CEO of Lophos Pharmaceuticals Corp, joins Jon to talk about peyote research
  • Morning Drive - Leave Those Kids Alone

    Lisa and Leah are joined by Leave Those Kids Alone who dropped their first EP yesterday and the single “Where She Was” is officially out.