Tuesday Roundtable


Sherry Bondy and Greg Lemay discussing AM800 Newspoll, His Majesty's Leader of the Official Opposition and Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre, and Alberta Premier and UCP leader Danielle Smith pose for a photo next to someone clearly wearing a shirt that reads: "THANK A STRAIGHT PERSON TODAY FOR YOUR EXISTENCE. STRAIGHT PRIDE", Question: what do you think about this? Ontario announces new zero-emissions electricity generation, long duration storage and transmission lines after cancelling green contracts five years ago Question: is this good or too little too late?, 52% of Canadians say they are $200 away or less from not being able to pay all of their bills at the end of the month as higher interest rates and a rising cost of living, up 6% from April Question: how do you deal with budgeting? Finance?, Kalamazoo Michigan is piloting a new type of road where Drivers going in both directions will share one center lane. When cars approach each other, they'll merge into the bike lanes to pass (yielding to people on bikes when present). It's a new way to share the road and provide space for drivers, bicyclists, and parking on a street. Question: could this work in Windsor? Would you like to see it?