Carrousel of the Nations village dates, times and locations announced


The Multicultural Council have announced details for this year's Carrousel of the Nations.

It will include 25 'villages' around Windsor and Essex County.

Carrousel of the Nations celebrates the diversity and cultural identities of the ethnic groups of Windsor-Essex by sharing food, dancing and music for everyone to enjoy together. 

Some of the villages for this year include the Caribbean Village, two German Village's in both Windsor and Leamington, a Greek Village, an Indian Village, a Polish Village, and many more. 

The festival will take place over two weekends, June 16 to June 18, and June 23 to June 25, with location options throughout Windsor and Essex County. 

Manny Paiva, Co-Chair of the Carrousel of the Nations, says this event is all about community. 

"The people who have moved to Windsor with their rich tradition that they want to share their passion of their rich culture. And they want to share that with the community. We live in one of the most diverse cities and regions in all of Canada, we're traditionally multicultural that way. And people can learn about different cultures, meet their neighbours."


The Multicultural Council announce the 25 villages for this year's Carrousel of the Nations. June 1, 2023 (Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Carrousel of the Nations website)

He says the Carrousel of the Nations is all-ages welcome.

"It's an event for the entire community. Over six days in the month of June, if you've never experienced it, I highly recommend it. If you have experienced it, you can tell everyone about it because it is such a great event."

Paiva says after large crowds last year following the COVID-19 pandemic, he warned the villages this year to prepare for packed crowds. 

"They're excited about that. They're passionate about telling their story and sharing their food and culture, and they're excited to see the huge crowds. We anticipate it will be a large crowd, we've met with City of Windsor officials who too understand that this is one of the most popular events in the summer in the region."

A full list of the 25 villages being offered this year as well as times and locations can be found by clicking here.

It's the 48th year for the event. Carrousel of the Nations is one of the oldest multicultural festivals in Canada.

-with files from AM800's Rob Hindi