City councillor 'concerned' with transit service delays throughout Windsor


A city councillor is looking into transit service delays throughout Windsor.

During Wednesday's Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee, ward 9 councillor and member of the committee, Kieran McKenzie, asked during question period for a verbal report to come back on the current issues surrounding transit delays for students. 

McKenzie says that he's received many correspondence from the public on transit buses in the morning and the afternoon being extremely full, causing some students to have to wait for another bus. 

He says this is coming from all levels of education, including students in elementary, and post-secondary, but is greatly affecting the high school population. 

McKenzie adds that he's been hearing the concern from those in the community. 

"Their children are experiencing some challenges getting to and from school. That the buses, particularly at the beginning of day are full, and aren't able to pick people up to get them to school on time."

He says all levels of education have been impacted. 

"Everybody's having a challenge to get to and from the places that they're all trying to get to. A lot of them, it's in that same time frame, so maybe the greatest concern would be at the high school level. Most of the elementary schools as I understand offer a private bus service to their students, but at the high school level for sure, and post-secondary, there's definitely some challenges that are there."

He says he's concerned with the situation. 

"There's a reasonable time from where you would expect that somebody would arrive to attend school, getting there two hours early because the bus is packed isn't a reasonable level of service, in my opinion. We want to be able to align the services that we're providing with the needs in the community, and right now I'm concerned."

A verbal report by Executive Director of Transit Windsor, Tyson Cragg, is expected to be presented during the next committee meeting on October 25. 

McKenzie says he will also be asking about this issue during the next Windsor City Council meeting held on October 16.