COVID-19 hospital admissions increasing in Windsor-Essex


A jump in the number of COVID-19 hospital admissions in Windsor-Essex.

According to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, 34 confirmed cases are in hospital with 14 in the Intensive Care Unit.

On Monday, the health unit reported, 23 confirmed cases in hospital with nine in the Intensive Care Unit.

Speaking on AM800's The Dan MacDonald Show, Chief of Staff for Windsor Regional Hospital, Dr. Wassim Saad says the surge in hospital admissions is not unusual.

"We know that community rates are much higher right now and some people are holding off going to hospital and then all of a sudden this will happen," he said. 

Saad says increases happen when there are surges. 

"We've seen this in other surges where we'll get five to 10 admissions overnight and the number will jump like that," he continued. "This is not unusual for surges when we've had them in the past." 

Saad says there are a number of reasons why case counts are surging. 

"A lot of the public health measures I don't think have been fully followed and we have still a vulnerable population where the virus is able to circulate including both the unvaccinated and younger kids and the higher transmissibility of Delta. So we have many factors that are contributing to this right now, it's sort of a perfect storm."

Based on an update posted on Windsor Regional Hospital's website Monday afternoon, the hospital had eight confirmed cases in ICU.  

Of the eight cases, three were fully vaccinated, one was partially vaccinated and four were unvaccinated.