Dilkens Calls Committee Request 'Political'


Windsor's mayor is reacting to a request that would give council more authority over Transit Windsor during the pandemic.

As you've heard on AM800 News, a city committee has asked for a report on the implications of having all council members vote when any major decisions need to be made in the event of an emergency.

Speaking on AM800's the Dan MacDonald show, DREW Dilkens says there's a reason that the responsibility is up to the head of council.

"We need to make quick decisions in emergencies and you need to be able to remove the politics," he says. "I get it, they're looking at one singular decision during a pandemic which more than 70 per cent of the public supported. "In fact, when you talk about the health unit, the advice from the health unit today its website is people should not take public transit if they can find another means, stay off public transit because it is a vector for spread of COVID."

When it comes to the transit decision, Dilkens says it wasn't a snap decision.

"And I didn't just do it knowing that I would impact service across the county as well," he says. "I called all of the mayors that we deliver transit to, to have a conversation with them before I did this, it was not done in a vacuum."

Councillor Fabio Costante brought forward the motion and says he just wants what's best for the community.