Facade Improvements Begin at Mackenzie Hall


Facade improvements are underway on a historic building in Sandwich Town.

Ward 2 councillor Fabio Costante says crews have started the $750,000 work at Mackenzie Hall.

He says the upgrades include repointing, back pointing, injection grout, stone repair and stone cleaning.

Costante says the work is being done to maintain the integrity of the building.

"Everyone knows Mackenzie Hall in an iconic building in Sandwich Town and frankly an iconic building in the city of Windsor and so to preserve its integrity and make sure that it last for the next 100 years is very important," says Costante.  "So this is necessary work, happy about it and looking forward to seeing the final product when it's done."    

He says work is only being done to the outside of the building.

"At this time it's outdoor work," he says.  "There is plans to do interior work in the future and money allocated to do that type of work but right now it's just the exterior."   

Costante says crews should have the improvements done by the fall.

According to the city's website,  Mackenzie Hall was built in 1855-1856.