Former NHL Goalie Looking Forward to Sharing his Story in Windsor


"I'm just an old goalie and a cowboy."

That's how former NHL player Clint Malarchuk describes himself.

Malarchuk is Saturday's guest speaker at Stigma Enigma's Mingle for Maryvale event.

He tells AM800 news, his address will focus on his life, his long battle with alcoholism and almost ending his life by a gunshot to his head.

"My struggles, things I went through, you know I struggled in silence for along time with mental illness, anxiety, depression, ocd, obviously PTSD for my injury in 1989 when I cut my jugular vine," says Malarchuk.      

Malarchuk hopes he can assist others who are suffering.

"Having gone through everything I've gone through with metal illness and a suicide survivor," says Malarchuk.  "I almost died three times so I feel like God spared me for those that are still suffering and usually they're suffering in silence."       

He says he's been speaking for about four and a half years after the release of his book.

"When I first started doing the speaking, I tried to be this polished, use big words, I'm just an old goalie and a cowboy and somebody told me, if you're passionate about what you speak about and just be yourself, you'll never fail," says Malarchuk.       

Malarchuk had is playing career cut short after a skate sliced his neck.

The Mingle for Maryvale event takes place at the Caboto Club starting at 5:30pm.

More than 500 tickets have already been sold.

Proceeds from the event support Maryvale and Youth Mental Health Initiatives.