Golf Cart Pilot Project Rolls Out on Pelee Island


There's a new way to get around Pelee Island.

Council voted in favour of a 10-year pilot project involving golf carts on roadways that got underway Tuesday.

Pelee Island Mayor Ray Durocher tells AM800's The Afternoon News that the item passed Monday evening, after the islands insurer approved the coverage of the electric cars.

Durocher says residents have had golf carts on the island in the past, but they'll be treated as "golf cars" moving forward.

"We were worried about accidents, but now that the golf cars are going to be licenced the illegal vehicles will not be allowed on the island," he added.

The alternative means of transportation will be an added attraction for tourists, says Durocher.

"It's a great was to be on the island. A nice slow quiet means of transportation and it should reduce the number of cars that have to take the ferry," says Durocher.

He says the pilot project should have an immediate impact on ferry traffic.

"If someone can come over on the ferry and rent or get into a golf cart and tour the island it's going to save our infrastructure. It will save wildlife as they won't be threatened with getting run over by cars," he added.

Durocher says all golf carts will require a licencing sticker showing the vehicle is registered and meets all safety requirements or the operator could face a ticket.

He says the carts will only be allowed on roadways with a posted speed limit under 50 km/h.


With files from Kristylee Varley