Government of Canada supporting Black entrepreneurs in Hamilton and Windsor


The Government of Canada will help support projects that provide Black entrepreneurs with support and contribute to building a strong, inclusive and equitable future for all Canadians.

FedDev Ontario has invested over $1.9-million to support Black entrepreneurs and Black-led businesses.

With this investment, through the Black Entrepreneurship Program Ecosystem Fund, Empowerment Squared will create the Southwestern Ontario Black Business Network. 

This collaboration of partners will provide Black entrepreneurs in the Hamilton and Windsor areas with advisory services, mentorship's, entrepreneurial training and networking opportunities to help them succeed. 

Claudius Thomas spoke on behalf of Windsor-Essex Black Entrepreneur and Professional Advisory Committee during the announcement. 

He says there's a diversity gap in support systems for entrepreneurs in our region.

"It's a good place for us to start for us to actually have this funding available to the Black group."

He says this is just the beginning for the Black community to receive support systems. 

"It's a small start for us. It's important, we're gracious, we're very thankful, but let this be a beginning point to say, it gives us an opportunity that Black businesses, Black entrepreneurs, Black thinkers, Black innovators, have a place where they can go and feel represented."

Thomas says what the most important aspect to include is.

"An essential part of where we're heading with this is culture. We have to include the cultural aspect of what we're going to build."

These investment will support the creation of 80 new jobs and 275 Black entrepreneurs and reinforces the Government of Canada's commitment to removing barriers to success for Black entrepreneurs in Canada.