Health Unit Warns of Limiting Close Contacts


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is once again repeating its warning to limit close contacts.

Over the past seven days, at last 121 of the reported cases have been from a confirmed close contact.

Chief Nursing Officer and CEO, Theresa Marentette says it's unavoidable in some situations which is why we all need to limit our close contacts outside the home.

"Because if I'm a case and I have several people that live with me, the likelihood of passing it onto them is very high and they could become cases and we know that transmission does occur in the household," adding, every case will have high risk contacts. "If those high-risk contacts become cases, it all makes sense,"  says Marentette. "So decreasing your number of contact is what people need to do."

Marentette says it's hard to answer what more can be done and stresses the importance of following public health guidelines.

"I think the province moving into the red zone, they're trying to do their part to emphasize the importance of some of the recommendations and some of the necessary measures to get the cases down," she says.

Of the 41 new cases reported Monday, five are from close contacts of a confirmed positive case.