Improvements to Gateway Park are underway


Improvements to Gateway Park which stretches from Riverside Drive to University Avenue and then University Avenue to Wyandotte Street  begin on Monday, June 27. 

In late 2021 the City of Windsor reached an agreement with the Detroit River Tunnel Company on a 99-year licence to operate and maintain the park. 

Upgrades include a new multi-use trail, access ramps, park signage, new park benches and park lights. 

Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante says he is very excited about the new improvements. 

"This has been a grassroots community lead initiative for around two decades now," says Costante.  "When volunteers saw the potential in the park and wanted to improve it and on their initiative did yearly clean ups and also raised money to invest in that property."

He says the community is looking forward to these improvements. 

"Over the years the rail cut was home to a lot of dumping that would happen regularly and it caused a lot of frustration because we had to always coordinate with our federal counterparts to clean up the dumping and it would just delay things," he says.  "Residents were rightfully frustrated so now that we have access and control over it through this licence we can take care of it."

$700, 000 will go into the revitalization of the park. 

Costante says the project itself will total $1 million. 

"The $700,000 will mostly encapsulate clean up of Gateway Park," says Costante.  "In the $700,000  investment in this capital infrastructure piece of the trails lighting, silos and benches, there are also ongoing operating costs such as making sure grass gets cut and the dumping gets cleaned up."

The linear property is between 50 to 70 metres wide and bordered on each side by diverse plants and trees including a row of Japanese cherry blossoms, donated in 2002 by the Consulate-General of Japan's Sakura Project as a symbol of international friendship which lines a narrow foot trail in the centre of the park. 

Crews will begin replacing and installing three-metre wide asphalt multi-use trails, benches and garbage and recycling silos. 

The park will be closed during construction and will re-open on Saturday, July 30 while upgrade work is carried out.