Invest WindsorEssex head says LG Chem plant still possible


There's enough power in Windsor-Essex to handle the investments announced over the last few months, and the ones currently being worked on by Invest WindsorEssex.

That from President and CEO Stephen MacKenzie speaking at the economic development organization's annual general meeting on Thursday night.

MacKenzie led off the AGM by stating that Windsor is not out of the running for an LG Chem plant in the region, and elaborated on it afterwards.

"We're still attempting to get back on the list as it were. The company is looking at a number of sites in Ontario, and now with our new information and connected information, we're going to be reaching out to the company to see if we can restart or get them to come for the visit that originally was planned," he said.

He says it's unfortunate the way things have played out, but wanted to correct the record and focus on the fact that beyond the LG Chem plant that they want to see come here, the pipeline is robust.

"Each potential client that we're dealing with that's considering relocating, supply chain companies or other, one of the first things they say is 'this is the electricity load we need, this our water requirements, this is our gas requirements," he continued. "We have the capacity."

MacKenzie says he's looking forward to continuing to attract businesses to the area to support the automotive and automobility sectors,

"I'm very excited right now because I know that my current pipeline for the region, we have the capacity. Very, very enthused about continuing to work with these companies."

MacKenzie says power issues shouldn't be an issue that could sabotage further investments going forward.

LG Chem cancelled a planned visit to Windsor-Essex when it learned there was not sufficient electricity to operate the plant, but a planned one-billion dollar transmission line from Chatham to Lakeshore will be operational by 2025.

A few weeks ago, Mayor Drew Dilkens told AM800 there was still the potential for an LG Chem plant somewhere in Windsor-Essex.