Kingsville looking for County of Essex to cover organic waste plan


Cost remains a deterrence for the Town of Kingsville when it comes to a regional organic waste plan.

Kingsville received correspondence from the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority as part of their regular meeting last night, and a separate presentation from local students on the organic waste program was also made.

Essex County council voted back in March where the majority agreed to a regional organic waste program.

The province is requiring Windsor divert 70 per cent of its organic waste from the landfill by 2025, while the target is 50 per cent for Leamington, Tecumseh, Amherstburg and LaSalle.

Due to their size, Essex, Kingsville and Lakeshore are exempt from the provincial program.

CAO John Norton says this past week they had discussions with neighbours from the county, and believes some of them might support the town's request.

"That this organic waste program be assumed by the upper tier county, not only with respect to their responsibility to run and administer the program through EWSWA, but also that there might be support for this to be included in the County's taxes and that they would then fund it."

Councillor Larry Patterson, speaking to the presenters in favour of the program, says council is as well but their concern is the structure and the overall cost.

"A cost that's humongous," he continued. "Before we even start our budget we're looking at probably $300 to $350 per household, right off the get go before we sit down and have a discussion for the new council of 2023."

Councillor Kim DeYong wanted to clarify that council didn't vote against the regional program, rather, the structure that was being proposed.

"There was no disagreement that it's an important initiative and our staff recommendation was that the structure being presented didn't best suit our taxpayers. So I just want you to understand this council actually does support the initiative, it's just the details that we disagreed with," she said.

Windsor-Essex is one of the few regions in Ontario that doesn't already have an organic waste program in place.

Councillors and staff remained positive that a solution to their issues could be found moving forward.