LaSalle Officially Names New Police Chief


After a six month long search, the Town of LaSalle has hired its new police chief.

Current acting chief Duncan Davies is officially taking over the role after being selected over a number of other candidates from across the country.

LaSalle mayor and police services board chair Marc Bondy says a consulting firm carried out an extensive search.

"We hired a consultant to go through several candidates and interviews and in the interim we had to put an acting chief in and when he has there acting as chief things turned around," says Bondy.  "Not that the service was bad, but it got better and the morale changed."

He says Davies was the natural fit.

"The board voted to give him a contract unanimously and we are more than happy to have him," he says.  "He's well respected within the force, within the police services and he's one of those guys that when he speaks you know where you stand. We couldn't ask for a better candidate. It just worked out great."

Bondy adds the town is in good hands.

"I'm more than confident that things will go better than the way they have been," says Bondy.  "I think sometimes change is for the good. Chief John (Leontowicz) was great, he's been around over 20 years, but sometimes when there's a little change people think just a little bit differently. We are in good hands."

Davies has spent 30 years in law enforcement including the last 25 with LaSalle.

He's taking over the reigns from former chief John Leontowicz who retired in January.