LaSalle Set to Reintroduce Late Penalties and Interest


The Town of LaSalle will be reintroducing penalties and interest of property taxes and water bills.

Mayor Marc Bondy says the fees will return starting on October 1.

He says they were waived back in April to assist residents at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Even from the get go, there wasn't a big uptake in our municipality and we just thought, well it's time to get back to a normal routine."   

Bondy believes some residents will decide to take on the late fees.

"Anybody who needs help probably still just won't pay, they'll be charged interest now but we haven't had that many that weren't taking up on the offer so we just thought it's time to get back to normal," says Bondy.     

He says many residents chose not to accept the town's offer.

"It took a little uptick for a month or two and I think just until people found out where they were, they might have taken advantage of just buy the bills that have to be paid and since, we didn't know at the time but it's been now six months," says Bondy.    

The fees will be charged the first of every month.