Leamington celebrates completion of boardwalk extension at Seacliff Beach


The Municipality of Leamington is celebrating the completion of the boardwalk extension project at Seacliff Beach. 

This project is a milestone in transforming Leamington's waterfront, and now seamlessly connects the Leamington Marina to Seacliff Park. 

It also provides more accessibility and offers a new experience for residents and visitors. 

One of the project's notable features is the introduction of a new accessible mat system, specifically designed to improve accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges, families with strollers, and anyone seeking a smooth and safe pathway toward the water's edge. 

This portable pathway is adaptable to uneven surfaces, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy the waterfront.

This extension project was approved by Leamington council in late June, with a tender selected in mid-August. 

A small archway or welcome sign has also been approved for the beach. 


Leamington celebrates completion of boardwalk extension at Seacliff Beach. Sept. 20, 2023 (Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Municipality of Leamington)