Mike & Lisa's Super Bowl Prop Bets Pool


The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Tampa Bay will take on Kansas City. Here are the prop bet questions from Friday that you can use to play along at home and share with friends and family.

1. Will the total score be over or under 55 points?

2. Who will the MVP of the Game thank first?

3. Dumping electrolyte-infused beverages on the heads of coaches is a time honored tradition. But what color will the dumped Gatorade be?

4. The primary color of Jim Nantz tie?

5. The primary color of Tony Romo’s tie?

6. What quarter will be the first Gisele (Mrs. Brady) reference?

7. Length of National Anthem by Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan: Over or under 120 seconds

8. First song to be performed by The Weeknd during the halftime show:
1. Blinding Lights
2. Heartless
3. In Your Eyes
4. Starboy
5. Can’t Feel My Face
6. Pray For Me
7. Other