New report warns of heat related fatalities in Canada

A rising thermometer under a hot sun.

Windsor-Essex is dealing with significant heat waves this summer. 

A new report warns that Canada could surpass the 595 heat-related fatalities reported by British Columbia's coroner in 2021 and 86 deaths in Quebec in 2018. 

Managing Director of Climate Resilient Infrastructure at the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation Joanna Eyquem says Windsor is featured highly on their list for hot days and temperatures. 

Eyquem says heat warnings have become the norm in Windsor. 

"We looked at different indicators of extreme heat including the number of very hot days, maximum temperature and the length of heat waves. Windsor ranks very highly when we rank all the metropolitan areas like cities across Canada." 

She says the number of heat warnings in Windsor will continue to climb if we don't reduce emissions. 

"In terms of the stats in Windsor, it's just over 20 days up from recent history compared to 2005 but when we look at 2050 on the horizon that's going to maybe jump to 60 days in a good scenario if we reduce our emission but if we don't it's going to be around 80 days."

Eyquem says we become more vulnerable when we rely on products that use electricity. 

"We need to think about reducing the urban heat climate and effect using green infrastructure to help keep our cities cooler. One of the areas that we always worry about at the Intact Centre is multi-unit residential buildings, because if the power goes out, people on the upper floors may not even have water." 

Environment Canada reminds residents to check on older family, friends and neighbours, during a heat warning and never leave pets inside parked vehicles and outdoor workers should take breaks regularly.