New term of Amherstburg council to be sworn in


An official new term of council will be sworn into Amherstburg today. 

The inauguration ceremony takes place tonight at 6 p.m. for all new and re-elected members that will be sworn in for the next four years. 

Mayor-elect Michael Prue was declared the Mayor of Amherstburg on October 24, winning with 3488 votes. 

Prue was previously a councillor for Amherstburg.

He says there are several things he wants to address as mayor, moving the town forward. 

"I want to talk about keeping the taxes as low as possible and I think that's very doable, I want to talk about building out our infrastructure that has been promised for a long time and things like the boat launch at Ranta Park." 

Prue says he's feeling good going into the ceremony. 

He says the ceremony is moving to Mcgregor for the first time. 

"Mcgregor is a divided community, half of it is in Essex half of it is in Amherstburg. We are having the ceremony at the Columbian hall, it was chosen so we can be a part of the community to let the community know they are important, rather than having it downtown."  

Prue says he wants to focus on what residents want and their ideas. 

"The council agenda traditionally came out on Thursday for the meeting on Monday. People would get it late Thursday night and Friday and would have to put their name down to make a deputation so we're going to put the agendas out a week early so they have a full week to digest what's on there and whether or not they want to speak." 

Along with Prue, three new council members and a new deputy mayor will be sworn in tonight.   

The new deputy mayor is Chris Gibb and the new council members are Diane Pouget, Linden Crain, and Molly Allaire. 

Council will also see two returning members, Peter Courtney and Donald McArthur.

The ceremony takes place at the McGregor Columbian Club.