• Attacking schools, Russia deals a blow to Ukraine's future

    The Ukrainian government says Russia has shelled more than 1,000 schools, destroying 95. Intentionally attacking schools and other civilian infrastructure is a war crime. Experts say wide-scale wreckage can be used as evidence of Russian intent, and to refute claims that schools were simply collateral damage.
  • Ukraine mounts effort to rescue last of the Mariupol steel mill fighters

    Efforts were underway Tuesday to rescue the last of the defenders inside the Azovstal steel plant in the ruined city of Mariupol after Ukrainian officials said the fighters had 'completed their mission' and there was no way to free the plant by military means.
  • North Korea reports another surge in fevers amid COVID crisis

    North Korea on Tuesday reported another large jump in illnesses believed to be COVID-19 and encouraged good health habits as a mass outbreak spreads through its unvaccinated population and military officers were deployed to distribute medicine.