10,000 Volunteers Ready for Miracle Food Day in Windsor-Essex


WINDSOR-ESSEX — It is being dubbed one of the largest food drives this region has ever seen.

Residents in Windsor-Essex are being asked to leave a non-perishable food item on your front porch on Saturday, June 27th by noon, when an army of volunteers will go around door-to-door in Windsor-Essex to collect them to help area food banks.

"It could be peanut butter, cereal, regular cans of soup and beans, toiletries, soaps, feminine hygiene products and baby goods too," says member of the organizing committee Joshua Lane.

As of today, about 10,000 have volunteered for the food drive.

June Muir,  CEO of the Unemployed Help Centre says there is a desperate need to restock the shelves.

"The food is for everyone, not just for the Unemployed Help Centre, it is not just for the Windsor- Essex Food Bank Association, it is truly for everyone, that is our goal during this pandemic we want to make sure people have food," says Muir.  "Since March 16th, we have served 39,000 people."

Of the 39,000 people served at the Unemployed Help Centre, 16,000 are one-time visits.