$10K Going Towards Fulfilling Dreams for Terminally Ill Adults


A newly established organization in Windsor-Essex is humbly accepting a $10,000 donation.

Oneday Dreams is an end-of-life dream fulfilment charity for Canadian adults who have a terminal illness and are in their last year of life. 

Co-Founder Michael Bennett tells AM800 News this was their first large donation.

"Our charity is fairly new and we've just gone public and began accepting applications in the past couple months," he says. "So this was our first large donation from a community partner so this money will go directly toward fulfilling dream requests."

The donation comes from 100 Women Who Care, a group comprised of 100 women in Windsor-Essex who make quarterly donations to community organizations.

"What really means the most to us is just the belief the 100 Women Who Care have in us and how they support us in bringing our vision to life," says Bennett. "They've raised so much money for the community, they're tireless supporters of local causes, so to have their endorsement just means so much to us at Oneday Dreams, especially being a new charity."

Bennett encourages people to submit a request for a dream so the money can be put to good use.

"Anybody who hears this, whether it's themselves who are living through a challenging time or they're taking care or somebody who is going through a challenging time, we encourage you to please submit an application and request a dream," he says. "We've also spoken to the local cancer program and the local hospice , so they,re teams are aware of our organization so hopefully we'll start to see some applications coming in through them."

Anyone who wishes to apply for a dream for themselves or on behalf of someone else, is encouraged to visit Oneday Dreams online and fill out an application.