12 storey condo development approved for Riverside Drive


A new development on Riverside Drive has been granted approval by council. 

On Monday, Windsor city council was presented with a report to approve the official plan and zoning for the dwelling site at 3251 Riverside Drive and 222 Belleview Avenue. 

This development has been approved, and will be built on the south side of Riverside Drive, between Belleview Avenue and Pratt Street.

The development will include one, 12 storey residential building, with 84 units and 135 parking spaces. The proposed building consists of three storeys of parking with nine storeys of residential units above. 

There was some conversation during the meeting to ask the developer, Dillon Consulting, to move all three levels of parking to underground, which would help lower the overall height of the building, however the applicant explained that the cost for the two bedroom condo units will be around $600,00 to $700,000 each, and if parking was moved underground it would add approximately $125,000 more to each unit. 

A motion first went forward by councillor Ed Sleiman to oppose the entire development, which was opposed. Councillor Joanne Gignac then put forward a motion to only approve if the parking was moved underground, the motion failed as well. 

Kieran McKenzie, ward 9 councillor, then put forward a motion to approve the report as presented, which was approved. 

McKenzie says the city is in the midst of a housing crisis, and this project will add 84 units. 

"The developer characterized the condos as being attainable housing, I think he was using a bit of his own definition of what attainable means, but I think compared to much of the housing that's available along Riverside Drive, this would probably by in a more affordable universe then a lot of the other housing that's available along that stretch."

He says the developer was clear they didn't want underground parking for this build. 

"In terms of the impact to the cost of the development moving forward and that if council were to compel the developer to add underground parking, that the development would no longer be financially feasible. In which case we would have had a very strong chance to lose the development entirely, and that wasn't something I was prepared to risk."

McKenzie says the 12 storeys is relative to buildings in the area. 

"To me, this development is an intensification project but strikes that proper balance between an appropriate level of intensification given the site specific challenges, if you will. While at the same time adding to the housing mix and in my opinion, improving the neighbourhood character as well."

The project has been approved by council and the developer will now prepare to being construction at the site.