2022 budget will be mindful of ongoing local pandemic pressures


The City of Windsor's 2022 budget deliberations are quickly approaching.

Councillors and staff are working hard behind the scenes as the landscape dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve.

Speaking on AM800's Morning Drive, Mayor Drew Dilkens says they still have pandemic pressures that will present themselves in the budget, especially on the transit side.

"Where transit is normally a service that is subsidized and we're operating at around 50 per cent capacity at this point," he continued. "But I want the residents of the city to know that I get what's going on here."

Dilkens says they need to do the best they can given the pandemic is still in front of us.

"I'm sensitive to 1,100 people who are still not working at the casino, the second shift at our largest employer that is going away next year due to COVID disruptions. And I'm really sensitive to the fact that when you go to the grocery store to buy meat, vegetables and groceries that you are seeing huge inflationary pressures," Dilkens said.

He says families in Windsor are feeling huge pressures, and council is sensitive to the current experience many are going through.

"The budget that we are going to present will reflect our sensitivity to this and make sure that like I've always done is fair and reasonable but meets the objective that I set at the beginning of my term. People will see that we're tracking the same way this year, we know the pain that's out there. We see the gas prices so we want to be part of the solution not part of the problem."

The City previously launched a pair of budget public engagement tools online to get residents more involved in the process, which will remain open until Friday, November 12.


- with files from AM800's Morning Drive