204 Cases of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex


WINDSOR — Expect enforcement to step up to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Windsor as the number of local cases continues to climb.

The latest figures released from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit show a total of 204 positive cases, up from 184 on Sunday.

1,543 people have been tested and close to 150 test results are pending.

The health unit believes the jump in cases is partially due to test results coming in faster now, in 24-to 48 hours.

There are six outbreaks at local long-term care homes and three deaths.

Meanwhile, people are asked to call 3-11 or the non-urgent police phone line if they spot groups of five people or more, people who are not physically distancing or are not self-isolating when they should.

Health Unit CEO Theresa Marentette says self-isolation orders are a must and people need to follow them to protect the community.

"Reports of anyone not adhering to self isolation orders or quarantine orders based on travel recommendations or requirements, they should reporting those concerns to the non-emergency line for police services," she says. 

Fines begin at $750 or higher if it is a non-essential business that is open.

The non-urgent police line is 519-258-6111.