30 Percent of COVID-19 Cases for People Between the Ages of 18 to 29 Considered Community Acquired


From April 1 to April 14, close to 30 per cent (29.8%) of COVID-19 cases for individuals between the ages of 18 to 29 have been community acquired.

"That's why it is a concern that when people are out there and we continue to remind this message that most of the time people think that they are following everything and all the precautions but if they're contracting the disease that means there's some lapse of public health measures, that's what led to the transmission," says Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed.      

He says it's concerning and is once again stressing the importance to follow all public health safety measures.

Dr. Ahmed is asking individuals to be mindful every time they're interacting with someone outside of their household.

"When you're going out by default you should assume that if people who don't live with you could be infectious and could be spreading the disease," says Dr. Ahmed.  "If you're touching any surface, if you're going into any stores, any places, there could be potential that someone could be sick there or the surfaces could be contaminated."      

He says safety measures and restrictions must be followed to contain the spread of the virus.

"Hand washing more frequently, ensuring you are wearing your mask, maintaining your physical distancing, those are all the critical things we should always do in this type situation when you have almost one third of the cases coming from the community," he says.

27.8 per cent are household contacts for individuals between the ages of 18 to 29 while 23.7 per cent are close contacts and 18.7 per cent remain under investigation.