35th annual Rotary TV Auction is on the way

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An annual rotary auction is making its way back to Windsor from December 3 to December 4. 

This years 35th annual Rotary TV Auction is promoting an even wider variety of gifts and services than years prior. 

Rotarian Member John Weese says rotary clubs in town have been very helpful to the community over the years. 

"These rotary clubs in town raise a great deal of money to be able to build parks, boundary free equipment, help feed people who are hungry, to give clothing.
We do a lot of neat environmental stuff as well." 

Weese says he expects lots of participation this year compared to last year. 

"Last year with the pandemic was a bit of a challenge, we still pulled it off we still raised a good amount of money. This year things have opened up a little bit, we have more items to auction off and people feel more comfortable getting together and participating." 

Weese says over 200 local businesses are involved in giving away products and services that they can auction off. 

He says despite challenges with the pandemic their supporters, merchants, and local business are still willing to help. 

"For rotary they come through. They will put themselves in a position to help people that are doing worse off than them. This year is very special because of the kind of heart they are showing despite the fact that they have suffered through a pandemic." 

Interested bidders can browse their website for items listed. 

The auction will be broadcast live at 7pm until 12am on December 3 to December 4 on YourTV. 

Proceeds for the auction will go directly to local charity efforts as supported by the Windsor St. Clair Rotary Club.