50 Possible COVID-19 Patients at Windsor Regional Hospital


Windsor Regional Hospital is dealing with 50 patients that could possibly be positive for COVID-19.

CEO David Musyj says the patients have been tested, but they are still waiting for the results. He says the backlog in tests is causing a problem.

"We have 50 patients in our facility, that we have tested as in-patient to be possibly COVID-19 positive. We are waiting for the results, so we are treating them as positive while we are waiting for the results," says Musyj.  "In the meantime we go through a lot of PPE [personal protective equipment], because we have to protect everybody assuming they are positive."

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Musyj says the hospital has moved patients around to make room for the potential influx coming in.

“The plan across the whole province is to create as much capacity as possible in acute care because that is the front door for COVID-19, so we are moving Windsor Regional Hospital patients and Erie Shores patients to Hotel-Dieu, they have created some capacity in order to do that and they are moving there."

Musyj says system-wide, he feels they are doing a very good job.

“There is non-stop discussion, a lot of communication," he says. "We are doing a good system-wide plan for what they are calling decanting the hospital, especially the acute care beds."

Musyj points out a London lab has opened but it is also dealing with a backlog of tests.  Once that backlog is addressed, he is hoping quicker results will help the hospital handle the situation.