A COVID-19 Vaccination Milestone for Windsor-Essex

AM800-News-First COVID-19 Vaccine-Krystal Meloche-December 22-2020

A significant COVID-19 milestone for Windsor-Essex.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed along with health unit CEO Theresa Marentette announced more than 100,000 local residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The 100,000 total was reached on Friday, April 9.

Dr. Ahmed says it's a big achievement for Windsor-Essex.

"Our population is roughly 420,000 people in the region so reaching a milestone of 100,000 it's pretty significant, that's almost like a quarter of our population and on the same side, you also have to recognize that 16 years and younger are technically not eligible to receive any vaccine," says Dr. Ahmed.  "So even if you include that, that number drops down to close to 320,000 population."      

Marentette says a number of parties came together to achieve this milestone.

"A lot of good collaboration came together to achieve this so far and the goal still with the province is to have people vaccinated in Ontario with first doses by the end of June so we'll see how that goes but the 100,000 is pretty significant for our area," says Marentette.     

COVID-19 vaccinations began in Windsor-Essex in late December.

As of Friday morning, a total of 111,362 doses of the vaccine have been administered.