A Drag Strip is a Fun Idea that likely won't Work in Windsor: Mayor


Local drag-racing enthusiasts are hoping to see the return of an officially sanctioned drag strip in Windsor.

An online petition was started by Giuseppe Prestia and supported by local custom car builder and retired professional drag racer Jim Pollier.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens is willing to listen to a proposal, but doesn't see how a drag strip would fit in the city limits.

"I can appreciate the value. I think this would be fun to have, but I'm not aware of a municipality that owns this type of infrastructure or builds this type of infrastructure because these are generally privately owned and operated," he says. "They're done in areas where you're not going to get complaints from neighbours because of noise."

Dilkens remembers Checker Flag International Speedway fondly, but the track located in what is now Tecumseh closed in 1992 due to financial issues and noise complaints.

"I can't really think of a place in the City of Windsor where putting a dragstrip would get passed the noise issue, but listen, I'm always willing to talk to anybody about a good idea," he added.

The petition has gathered more than 4,000 signatures as of Saturday afternoon.