A New Home for the Amherstburg Farmers' Market


The Amherstburg Farmers' Market will be set-up in a new location during the 2020 market season.

The market has reached a partnership with GL Heritage Brewing Company to locate on the property at 8728 Howard Ave. and Essex Rd. 9.

Jen Desjardins-Grondin, co-owner of the brewery, says the two parties have been in talks for the past few months.

"We were wanting to make sure that they continued their annual market and they were looking for another location," she says. "So we have been wanting to bring them onsite for a while, so it's a perfect partnership."

This is the 10th year for the Farmers Market in Amherstburg, which use to operate outside of the Little White Church at the end of Howard Avenue, but moved to Toddy Jones Park last year.

The brewery is located just 200 metres away from the Little White Church.

Desjardins-Grondin says they wanted to bring the market onsite.

"They are representing a great collaboration amongst themselves and that's been a huge focus of our business as well," she says. "So we look for any and every opportunity to partner up with artisans, entrepreneurs and small businesses locally."

The market is expected to feature 20 vendors each week.

It will open May 16.