A New Year will bring a New Name for Lakeshore


A New Year will bring a new name in Lakeshore. 

Starting on January 1, Lakeshore will be known as the Municipality of Lakeshore instead of the Town of Lakeshore.

Council voted 6-2 in favour of dropping town from the community's title to switch to the Municipality of Lakeshore on Dec. 8. The region has been called the Town of Lakeshore since five communities were amalgamated in 1999.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain and several other councillors at the meeting voted for the change because being a town under another town robbed those communities of their identity.

Ward 1 Councillor Steven Wilder voted against the "unnecessary" change.

"The Town of Essex, everyone knows there's Harrow, they know Colchester, they know all these other areas and it's still The Town of Essex," he says. "I wasn't convinced it was a necessary change."

Wilder says the change is a waste of money with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The report estimates the cost at $50,000, but Wilder says it will be much higher when it's all said and done.

"It's the legal documents, the pay stubs, the automatic withdrawals, contracts, and everything else that needs to be changed," he says. "That initial costing, I'm pretty sure it's clear in there that it wasn't going to be the full cost. That was just the cost to change the signs and stuff they knew about."

Wilder says he's not hearing Lakeshore's name is an issue from residents in Ward 1.

"In my opinion it's not something we need to do," he says. "Obviously other members of council felt differently and ultimately the majority of council voted to approve it."

He says council should have launched some sort of community engagement before voting on the change.

According to the report, signage will be changed to the Municipality of Lakeshore first and things like letterhead will be changed as existing stock runs out.

The changeover is expected to take six months to a year to complete.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.


(Photo courtesy of the Municipality of Lakeshore)