Activist Says Legalization of Cannabis Could Re-Invent Windsor


A local business owner and cannabis activist says Windsor has an opportunity to re-invent itself.

Co-Owner of "Higher Limits" Jon Liedtke says Windsor is the perfect place to become the cannabis capital of the country.

He says if legislation passes to make recreational use of the drug legal, people from across the U.S. will flock to Windsor.

Liedtke says the increase in tourism brings with it a possibility for new business and industry.

"Windsor will become a new Amsterdam of North America. We have Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. There are tens of millions of people who will cross this border to come here and see what cannabis legalization looks like. We have an opportunity here to do something very good," Liedtke says.

He also predicts the marijuana industry to create 4000-8000 new jobs.