Advance voting begins in Windsor for the municipal election

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Windsor residents can begin casting their early votes for the upcoming municipal election starting this week. 

Eight opportunities are being offered this year starting on Wednesday, October 5. 

Voters will be able to take advantage of drive-thru voting at select advance poll locations where they can vote from the comfort of their cars. Drive-thru voting was first piloted during the Ward 7 byelection in 2020, and was very successful.

The first advanced polling station opens Wednesday, October 5, and can be done at Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex at 2555 Pulford Street from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Terri Knight Lapain, Manager of Records and Elections for the City of Windsor, says there will be multiple days prior to the election where Windsor residents can go to vote before the big day.

She says for the drive-thru polls, drivers will be separated into multiple lanes to ensure the process is quick. 

"So even though it might look like a long line, we're hoping that it goes fairly quickly for voters and they will be in the comfort of their own vehicles so they're not having to wait outside in the weather, that type of thing. If you've got kids with you, they can have their tablets or their DVD player going to keep them busy."

She says with the drive-thru advance polling, residents don't have to worry about any ballot tampering.

"The vote tabulator is right there, so the voter will be able to see, they will hand their ballot to one of our staff and the staff member will then put it through the tabulator. And the voter will be able to see that. So the ballot doesn't go anywhere, you hand it to us, we put it through the tabulator, it's three to four seconds and if it successfully goes through the tabulator, away you can drive."

She says residents are encouraged to bring their voter notification card to the voting stations, however it's not a requirement to be eligible to cast their ballot.  

"Along with the voter notification card, voters need a piece of ID that shows their name and address. If they don't receive a voter notification card they can certainly come to the poll with that ID and they are still able to vote."

If you are an eligible voter, you may ride Transit Windsor for free when you go to the vote on Election Day or any advance voting day. Present your voter notification card to the bus driver on your way to and from voting.

A complete list of advance voting locations can be found on the City of Windsor website. 

The municipal elections will be held on October 24.

-with files from AM800's Kathie McMann