Amhersburg Distillery Celebrating A Big Year


Wolfhead Distillery in celebrating a wrap to a successful first year.

Live music, vintage cars, barbeque and door prizes are on tap at the distillery's restaurant and store front in Amherstburg.

Co-owner and head chef Larry Girard says Wolfhead's vodka, whisky, and now Lonsbery craft beer, which is now in rotation on four taps in it's restaurant, has seen its footprint steadily increase over the past year.

He says Wolfhead will be opening a new patio and raising some money for a family in need to celebrate putting its first year in the books.

Girard says it's been a tremendous first year.

"It's been an outstanding response," says Girard. "We're in 36 LCBO's. We're in both Duty Frees and we're also in liquor stores out west and out east."

It was hard to tell how busy the distillery's store front and restaurant would be, but Girard says attendance has been increasing throughout the year.

"With our location that's out in the county here, none of us were sure exactly how busy we'd be right off the get go, but since the door opened a year ago, we've never looked back," says Girard. "We have a robust culinary team with a lot of experience, so we were sort of ahead of the game."

All proceeds from the barbeque go to a local family dealing with cancer.

The event kicks off at 11am on Saturday and runs until 8pm at the Wolfhead Distillery at 7781 Howard Ave. in Amherstburg.